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Backflow Courses Designed for Facilities Management

Private Courses on Your Company's Schedule

Are our regularly scheduled classes inconvenient or too far away? Have a course at your facility, all we need is enough tables and chairs for the students and access to a hose bib. We have a mobile wet lab and testing materials so we can come to you. We will work on your schedule, so if you would rather nights or weekends we can accomodate, give us a chance to earn your business! Check out our courses and how they can help you on our course description page

8-hour Backflow Awareness Course

Want to have some of your technicians aware of the risks of leaving unprotected cross connections but not planning to have them test preventers on a regular basis? We are offering facilities management companies backflow awareness courses that we can either do on the first day of any of our scheduled courses, or have a private class at your facility. Tuition is $200 per student. This course offering will result in a certificate but is not recognized by any authority since it is not submitted for any approvals.

Special Bulk Discount

We are currently offering 10% off if you are paying full price for 10 or more students. Also, if you allow us to advertise the course and invite other local technicians to participate, we offer one of your students for free (both offers can be combined). Although we have no hard minimum, we may not be able to accomodate a course with fewer than 5 students.

Calibrations & Equipment

While we are at your office, feel free to discover our products by Midwest Instruments and gauge calibration services at www.krugerstrainingacademy.com