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Maryland (DLLR), WSSC, and DC Approved Backflow Courses

DLLR, WSSC, and DC Approvals

For Maryland State, Our 32 and 8 hour courses are approved by DLLR through registration with the plumbing board as a course provider, this approval is listed here. This course is mostly taken as a pre-requisite for a plumbing license application, and during the course it is discussed how to file the application and what to expect on the state test with PSI (candidate info bulletin can be found here )

For WSSC, the program has to be approved by DLLR and the instructor should be listed on the WSSC instructors list. If taking a course with us in Maryland or VA, the instructor will be on the list and thus compliant with WSSC. Their instructor's list is posted here. The 32-hour and 8-hour courses for WSSC area also taken as a pre-requisitie for a license application or renewal. 

For Washington DC, the backflow course is not required for the plumbing license, but is required in order to test backflow preventers. Once you take our course and receive the diploma, you need to submit this with some other information directly to DC Water (the water utility NOT the board of industrial trades). We have submitted our information to DC Water, but they do not have a list of approved course providers they evaluate the provider and course on a case by case basis.

Course Details

32-hour course consists of three 9-hour days and 5-hours of homework, in accordance with DLLR and WSSC guidelines and common practice for backflow training courses in Maryland. 8-hour re-certification courses include 8 hours of instruction and are done concurrently with any of the 3 days of a 32-hour course. This includes both in class instruction and hands-on laboratory instruction on each day. Check out more information about our course offerings on the course description page

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