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Massachusetts (MassDEP-DWP-CCCP) Backflow Courses

32-Hour Certification Course Schedule ($600)

Private Courses

Don't see anything you like? We also offer private courses at your location! There is a minimum of 5 students, and if you have 10 or more students, we offer 10% off. If you want to schedule, please contact us at krugerstrainingacademy@gmail.com or call us at 917-887-5613.

Mass DEP-DWP-CCCP Conditional Approval

We hold an approval through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection - Drinking Water Program, Cross Connection Control Program (MassDEP-DWP-CCCP) which is the state agency that regulates the water purveyors and many times reviews the backflow test reports. Our course includes 32 hours of training to learn how to do the tests, and on the final day we include the MassDEP-DWP-CCCP approved written and practical exams which are both prerequisites to apply for the original license. 

The course in itself is not a certification for Massachusetts, there is another step to get the state license which we will walk you through that process during the course. We have not yet made a submission for an 8-hour renewal course so in order to renew you would have to test 24 preventers in the three year period following licensure as well as received 3 training contact hours, but we plan to have an 8-hour course approved in the near future. 

The MassDEP-DWP-CCCP certification guide is posted on their website, with more information on how to apply found online as well.

Course Details

32-hour courses must include four 8-hour days, but they do not need to be consecutive and can include weekends. Final approval by Mass DEP-DWP-CCCP is required for all course dates and locations, they will likely need to see the area we set up the wet lab before the course actually takes place.

Check out more information about our course offerings on the course description page

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