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Upstate New York (NYSDOH) Approved Backflow Courses

8-hour Re-Certification Course Schedule ($275)

For Upstate New York, we do not have open enrollment courses available at this time. Instead, we offer private courses at your location! There is a minimum of 5 students, and if you have 10 or more students, we offer 10% off. If you want to schedule, please contact us at krugerstrainingacademy@gmail.com or call us at 917-887-5613.

NYSDOH Approval

We hold an approval through New York State Department of Health for both the 32-hour and 8-hour Backflow Prevention Tester Courses - https://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/water/drinking/cross/courses.htm - They post upcoming courses for each provider, but ours don't appear for 2019 because we didn't submit them early enough - if you need to confirm if our courses are approved you can always contact NYSDOH directly.

Course Details

32-hour courses must include four 8-hour days, but they do not need to be consecutive and can include weekends.

8-hour re-certification courses cannot be concurrent with 32-hour courses and must be continuous on one day.

Check out more information about our course offerings on the course description page

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