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New Jersey (NJDEP) Approved Backflow Courses

NJDEP Approval

We hold an approval through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as a backflow preventer tester certifying agency - https://www.state.nj.us/dep/watersupply/dwc_physcon_certify.html

We also hold an approval with the Board for Landscape Irrigation Contractor Certification with Department of Consumer Affairs. Our 32 and 8 hour courses both count for full time on Irrigation Continuing Education Credits (CECs), so 32 CECs for a certification and 8 CECs for re-certification. Essentially to renew an Irrigation license for New Jersey, you need to submit 16 hours worth of CECs, so either the 8-hour course with something else, or just the 32-hour course. There is no extra cost for this, the course is just approved for both things.

Course Details

32-hour courses must include four 8-hour days, but they do not need to be consecutive and can include weekends. 8-hour re-certification courses can be concurrent with 32-hour courses and must be continuous on one day. Check out more information about our course offerings on the course description page

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