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Virginia (DPOR) Approved Backflow Courses

If you are looking for a 32-hour MD course ( or 8-hour MD renewal course ) for use in reciprocating plumbing licenses, these courses can be done concurrently with the courses below at no additional cost. Find more information and full course schedule for our MD courses on the Maryland Page

Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) Approval

The VA diploma we issue is not in itself a backflow license like it is for other jurisdictions, it is vocational training that is required in order to apply to get the state license. Virginia state licenses do not require vocational training in order to renew them. In Northern VA, some counties accept the MD certification as a local license, at these locations we offer our 32 hour MD course concurrently with the 40 and 16 hour courses for the same price.

Both our 40 and 16 hour courses are approved through DPOR as vocational training related to the State Backflow Prevention Device Worker license ( requirement 13 on the DPOR application downloadable here ) Our registration with DPOR can be found here

There is more information about the differences between the 40 and 16 hour courses on our course description page - but generally people with less than 7 years experience in water distribution systems will need the 40-hour. The 40-hour is a much more in depth course with more time to discuss the information and substantially more practice, including a segment of the course with practice on repair and maintenance, but both courses will meet the DPOR exam application requirement and both include training on how to prepare for the DPOR exam.

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We have a breakdown of the test and access to all of the applications on our DPOR Test Prep page here