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The courses we offer are 1, 2, 3, or 4 days long on the topic of backflow prevention. The completion of the course is applicable to trade licensing, continuing education for facilties managers / treatment plant operators, and other things. Please check our course description page for the full list and breakdown of our course offerings; normally a course is required in order to get a license to test backflow preventers.

Backflow Prevention is a field of study that involves valves and piping techniques that eliminate the possibility for water or materials to flow backwards in a water line. This is important because, for example, if chemicals, human waste, or otherwise harmful items flow into a domestic water line from the point of use even for a few seconds, it could kill, injure, or just be unpleasant for anyone consuming it once distributed back out the water supply.

Our instructors are certified by TREEO backflow institute, and our course is approved by various entities having jurisdiction. Our courses are strongly based on material provided by TREEO.

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As a course provider for over 25 years in various parts of the United States, Kruger's Training Academy's mission is to provide affordable and available training in backflow prevention for plumbers and maintenance professionals across the USA, eliminating some or all of the hazards backflow can pose to our water supply. 

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